A friend is thinking about homeschooling and mentioned that she wished there were videos of homeschooled kids talking about whether or not they like it. When I mentioned this to Artist, she said she would love to make a video about it, so that other people could know that homeschool is awesomer.  (Let’s not to pick apart the use of “awesomer right now) 😉

Here’s what she has to say:

To clarify about non-educational shows…she’s able to finish her schoolwork much earlier in the day than 3:00, and often when she’s finished all her lessons for the day she has time to watch a little TV. She also sometimes watches educational shows as part of school.

She mentioned the computer as well. She plays a variety of computer games for fun (many of which happen to be educational), and also does her math lessons on the computer.

She didn’t mention it in the video, but has expressed before that she loves getting to go to the park a lot, and take walks. She also really dislikes whenever we have to be out the door early in the morning, so she’s very happy that most days we’re able to make our own schedule.

Alright, well without me getting into all the things I love about homeschool, or writing about the ways I know homeschool is best for her right now, I suppose that’s it. 🙂

Fellow homeschool Mom’s, want to chime in with what your kids love about it?

Awesomer School

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