Hi friends! I finished this beauty last month and it was SO good! I literally couldn’t put it down at the end. (I stayed up a full three hours later than I meant to, despite the fact that I had to get up at 4am  with a puking Boo. Blech).

This story is a new fave! It had all the gripping, gritty intensity I expect from a dystopian thriller, but also so much beauty. There were short chapters dispersed throughout that were little morsels of pure lyrical gorgeousness. Also, the main character is from Texas and I felt like I could relate to her on an even deeper level as a fellow Texan (hello nightmares of water moccasins, and SIX infernal months of summer).

If you enjoy YA dystopian novels, you should definitely pick this one up. Plus it’s already being turned into a movie. So cool.

Books I Love – The Sandcastle Empire

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