Today’s fun family game is a quick and easy one called Sushi Go! It’s a “pick and pass” card came where you start out with a bunch of cards in your hand and choose the one you want most  and then pass them on to the player to your left (and receive the cards the player to your right passes to you). Rinse and repeat till all the cards have been chosen, then add up the points. Do this 2 more times and baddabing, you’re all done! The cards you’re choosing from are types of sushi (plus a few additional items like chopsticks and pudding) that give you different points. Some cards only give points if you have multiples of the same item, others give you a bonus if you combine them with wasabi, etc. making for a good amount of strategy in which card you take each time, while leaving enough to chance that younger players who can’t strategize as well still have a chance! The cards make it clear enough what they do that after being helped one time through, Boo was able to play on her own despite not being able to read.

Fun family game that]s quick and easy!  Sushi Go! | Running With Spears #gamenight #familyfun

I pull this one out a lot to have some quick fun with just Artist and Boo, but we’ve played it as a family, too. I think we’re usually done in about twenty minutes, so it’s a great option when we don’t have a huge chunk of time to play. There’s apparently also a Sushi Go Party! that lets up to eight people play (as opposed to five with the original) and apparently adds additional variety to the game play. What looks to be the most awesome feature of the party version is a game board to keep track of your score on instead of having to write it all down each round – I kind of wish I’d known about it when we ordered the original game because I think I would have gotten it instead!

With whimsical artwork, instructions that are easy to learn, and quick game play, we always have a blast with this game!

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Family Fun Friday – Sushi Go

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