Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!!!

We headed out yesterday evening to watch a big fireworks show from the roof of Misteris’ work! We thought it would be fun to get there a little early and have a picnic of desserts (Little Debbie snacks) and Slurpees and watch the air show.

1013504_10152995949920644_597430135_nUnfortunately, the excitement of that lasted all of 4.7 seconds and then the girls were bored.

By the time the fireworks started they both wanted to go home. Boo started saying her head hurt (I assumed it was from her ponytail, so I took her hair down.) And she was cold. Of course Artist was complaining she was hot. Those girls are determined to be as opposite as night and day. And then half way through the fireworks show, Boo feel asleep.

I enjoyed it, though, and with the fun pregnancy hormones found myself choking up over and over at the patriotic songs.

dadArtist was in tears over every.little.thing by the time we got home, she was so tired. And then I felt like a super awesome Mom when Boo climbed into our bed in the middle of the night with a fever and it turned out the head hurting and being cold was because she was sick, and we kept her out late to watch fireworks. Oy! Epic Fourth of July celebration FAIL!

Oh well, at least she seems to feel fine today. And we’re enjoying the day *not* attempting anything else special, just hanging out with Misteris, who by the way is super Dad. Apparently once Ice Cream is born he plans to carry all THREE girls at once…he says he’ll just hold Ice cream upside down by her ankle. 😉

Happy 4th!

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