TGIF! Thank God I have Frosting! Or something. I’m too exhausted to be witty and clever. Sorry.

Yes. My baby is trying to pick my nose.

You guys, my 11 month old still refuses to nap anywhere except my arms precisely 99.7% of the time. And she’s been teething for 2.7 weeks and cries like a bajillion times a night. (Apparently .7 is my go to decimal, who knew.)

So…yeah…getting things done around here is so hit or miss it’s not even funny.

At the risk of being a total broken record, I just want to say again that real life, at least my real life, is not pretty and perfect and pinterest worthy.

I decided to bake some pumpkin bars (from a mix, let’s not get crazy). Boo wanted to help, and Smiles woke up on the “I must be in Mommy’s arms or I will scream” side of bed this morning. It didn’t look like those fantastic magazine pictures, let me tell you.

But despite the lack of glamor, today has been pretty much awesometastic! Artist did all of her math work without complaining (much). Boo voluntarily wrote all the letters she’s learned so far this year (remind me to teach her how to write the letter “S” not backwards). A friend watched my oldest two for a few hours, and during that time Smiles miraculously slept NOT in my arms for like 45 minutes, and rather than curl up on the couch and watch Doctor Who, I finally sorted and boxed up all the shoes my girls have outgrown. AND I got dinner started in the crockpot!

We may have eaten Totino’s Party Pizzas and a bagged salad for dinner last night, but tonight we’re having white chicken chilli and for dessert there are pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting (or is it icing, I don’t know…I never thought about it before but I just realized I have no idea what the difference is)!

You’re welcome for this eloquent and informative post. I hadn’t blogged in awhile, Smiles is sleeping/nursing and will not let me unlatch her, and writing seemed like the thing to do. 🙂

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