Know what’s really great about having kids? Never having to buy cards (or real wrapping paper) again!


And do you know what’s awesome about Pinterest? It inspires me to buy a bunch of cheap shave cream and conditioner for various awesome thingymabobbers that I never get around to doing. And then, when I’m trying to wash the girls hair 15 minutes past bedtime on the night before VBS because I realize it hasn’t been washed…or even brushed…in days, and then I run out of conditioner – BAM it’s not a problem, there are 2 extra bottles in the closet! Whats more, 2 days later when I’m all “BATHTIME” and the rugrats declare, “We don’t wanna take baths!” I can entice them with a can of shave cream to play with in the bath!

Last but not least, another homeschool Mom and I were talking today, and we decided that what’s truly fantastic about educating our children ourselves is not having to take them to and from school everyday. We’re pretty sure we would make horrible public school Moms. :p

You’re welcome for this very deep and heartfelt post. 😉

Kids R Great

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