Sometimes I think I should make my kids food look cute — then Apple starts crying, so I don’t. I mean really they’re lucky I’m putting food on a plate for them rather than making them fend for themselves, am I right? Still, the younger ones do eat better when their food is cute.

Thus the invention of snacktivity time!

Snacktivity --- kids make themselves cute food so it's less work for you -- and they have fun doing it! Win-win! |Running With Spears #kidfood #parenthacks

My go-to combo = sliced cheese + sliced banana (the 6 and 9 year olds can slice their own) + mini-food cutters in fun shapes!  I usually throw in some toothpicks cause it’s always more fun to eat off a toothpick! Sometimes I’ll do apple slices. I’ve also done sliced cucumbers,  pears, tortillas, bread — basically anything kids can cut is fair game!

Less work for me, more fun for the kids – what could be better? 😀

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