Stop trying so hard and simply rest - Jennie Allen | Nothing to ProveYou guys, if you don’t know who Jennie Allen is, stop what you’re doing right now and go check out her blog, follow her on Facebook, and get to know this lovely, radiant lady!

She wrote the book Restless that re-awakened my dream to write a book and has just shaped so much of the last few years of my life!

Now she has a new book coming out on January 31st called Nothing to Prove and I was lucky enough to be on the launch team and get to read an advanced copy! Now, unfortunately I’m super bad at finding times when I can read a physical book (I read pretty much exclusively e-books these days) so I haven’t had a chance to devour it yet, but the bit I’ve read is soo good!

There’s a short excerpt from the book on Jennie’s blog…and it spoke to my heart so much. This sentence in particular just resonated deeply with me…

That night, as near to heaven as I have ever felt, God whispered, What if all you ever wanted, all the happy you have craved, just happens to be found in loving Me and people wildly?

Jennie is so relatable, and transparent, and somehow both convicting and encouraging at the same time.

There’s going to be a live book club starting on February 21st that I wouldn’t miss for the world, because truly it was during the book club for Restless  that hearing Jennie and others talk about what I was processing in the book really drew me deeper and emboldened me to take the leap and start writing the novel I’d been dreaming about for nearly a decade.

Go pre-order the book, sign up for the book club, and get ready to be moved! 🙂

God is not after great performances, He is after us. | Jennie Allen - Nothing to Prove

Nothing To Prove

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