Here’s a “typical” day at our house. Except that there really isn’t such a thing as typical around here, our days fluctuate wildly from one to the next…consistency and routine aren’t really my thing. πŸ˜‰

8:30ish – Get up with Boo who, along with Artist had piled into my bed the night before. See that Artist grabbed some chips for breakfast. Look for something better to feed them. See nothing and hand Boo a bag of cookies. Go back to bed cause I’m exhausted (and try to sleep despite the girls tag-teaming asking me a battery of super important questions such as “Are you asleep?” or “Can I have some chocolate?”).

compy 10:00ish – Get up for real. Discover we’re out of coffee. And I’m out of my B vitamins. Resign myself to having NO energy all day.

Satisfied that the girls are playing happily on their computer, I get to work on my editing.

We eat lunch at some point, I waste some time on FB, Pinterest, etc. The girls rot their minds watching some TV, and trash the house playing.

3:30ish – I get Artist set up doing some math. She whizzes through it…she’s a math genius. Then we struggle through her reading lesson. And I spend a few minutes helping her learn to tie her shoes. (P.S. if you always get your kids Velcro shoes so you don’t have to mess with laces, one day you wake up and realize your almost 6 year old has no idea how to tie shoes.) πŸ˜‰

4:15ish – Finish school. Yep…assuming you can do math, you figured out that we did a total of about 45 minutes of official school.

artI proceed to straighten the house, do dishes, etc. in preparation for Misteris coming home around 5:30 or 6:00. The girls entertain themselves by coloring on our windows.

Fortunately (this time) they’re using markers specifically made to come off windows. :DSurprisingly they actually stay focused on this the entire time and don’t make other messes behind me as I’m cleaning up! SCORE!

masterpiece6:30ish – Heat up leftovers. Make a peanut butter sandwich for Artist, whose food aversions due to SPD severely limit what foods she eats. We all gather around the table to play Zombie Dice with dinner. I help Boo count a few times, which is the closest thing to any school I’ve done with her all day. :p

The rest of the evening we do pretty normal stuff…a little play time, bath, bedtime stories…I sit in bed with the girls for awhile reading on my nook while rubbing Artist’s back to help her fall asleep.

And there you have it! I bet you feel loads better about your typical day now, don’t you? πŸ˜€

A Day

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