I’ve had some reactions from my posts thus far from well meaning friends assuming that what I need is assistance in finding curriculum, or homeschool support groups to ask questions about how to do it better, or help of some sort. I very much appreciate the thought and love that I know is behind these responses. I have awesome friends and can’t imagine doing life without them!!!! LOVE you guys!!!! But, I’m actually pretty good with our crazy life most days. And one thing these responses helped me realize is why I did start this blog.

I feel like the media saturation and unending Pinterest ideas for how you can be supermom make normal Mom’s feel inadequate at best…and then if you’re going through an especially busy season, or something comes up (like figuring what it means when your kid is diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder), or you have a bad day…it can be super easy to feel like you’re the worst Mom ever. I know there are plenty of others out there who feel the same way about our generation’s inundation with articles and blog posts and whatnot telling you how to be a better Mom. But I haven’t seen all that many people post not your very best Mom moments, but your average days, or even your bad ones.

imperfectI have read a few blog posts about NOT being perfect, though, and I love them! So, I think my goal for this blog is to just join the ranks of those Moms. The happy being not super or perfect Moms! And I’m pretty sure I’m the least organized, most fly by the seat of my pants, whatever works Mom I know. So, I figure if I post about our wacky life, maybe it will help tip the balance just a smidge from the idealistic life it sometimes feels like we’re all supposed to imitate. 😉

As a note: I’m NOT AT ALL saying to live insignificant, powerless lives. Go for your dreams! Say yes to God’s plans for you! Step into your destiny! Change the world!!! But along the way, don’t feel guilty if making amazing bento lunches every day isn’t your thing, or what your works for your family is vastly different than what someone else has told you your day to day life should look like. 😀

Let’s Be Honest

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