Hi guys! 😀 I know my posts have been short lately. Life here has been super busy!

nephewAs you may have seen, we moved on January 1st! We’re LOVING being near my family, especially since my sweet nephew was born earlier this month! I’m looking forward to seeing him often so my girls can grow up knowing their cousin (and so I can cuddle him, of course). It’s been great getting to see my parents and sister and two of my brothers a lot more often, and being able to let my girls spend time with my parents is a blessing, too…not to mention the fact that Mike and I can finally actually go on dates more than once or twice a year!

Of course there are downsides to moving, too. Unpacking is such a chore! And I lost Apple’s monthly stickers – the ones that say how old she is. I swear I put it somewhere really good, where I thought, “I’ll come across this right away when I unpack.” Yeeeaaaah. After being two weeks late on her 10 month pics I finally gave up and ordered a new set.  Plus trying to find a new church when you had one that you really loved for years is just the worst! 🙁

Homeschool is off to a great start this year. We’re doing a year round schedule right now, so in January we started some new school books for both Evergreen and Boo, and Smiles has been asking me to teach her some school every day lately as well. I’m a mainstay for the Homeschool Review Crew this year and I’m loving the products that I’ve received so far. I shared about the Ancient Greece study on Monday, so check that out if you missed it, and stay tuned for more reviews soon. I’m also reviewing a water chemistry set for The Old SchoolhouseÂŽ Magazine, LLC. Honestly I’m a bit nervous about writing for a magazine, but it’s an exciting opportunity.

This year I’m also on a team of book reviewers called the Z Blog Squad for Zonderkidz, the children’s division of Zondervan. Every month I’ll have the opportunity to receive some lovely new books that are coming out and tell you guys about them, starting with The Jesus Storybook Bible Gift Edition  that I wrote about last week, and Found  by Sally Lloyd-Jones.


On a more personal note, Apple took her first step at the end of January, and I CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA (look at that back foot). 😀

She also has four teeth now, (the better to bite me with 😉 ) and can say mama, dada, nuh-nuh  (nurse) and tiga-tiga  (tickle-tickle). She’ll also repeat Pop-Pop  (what my kids call my dad) if you say it to her! But oh my goodness, you guys, the tickle thing is just the cutest ever! I shared a video of it over on my Facebook page awhile back!

And that’s a wrap…because Smiles woke Apple up after she slept for five minutes and now they’re wreaking all sorts of ridiculous havoc. #storyofmylife

A little update!

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