awesomesauceSo…you know how some Moms are all “I feel like an AWESOME Mom today! I totally made intricate Bento lunches for my kids, prepared a fantastic, incredible healthy and delicious dinner from scratch, and saved $103.72 on groceries by extreme couponing!!!!”

Well…I’ve decided that I’m pretty sure I achieve awesome mom status every time I give my kids bananas without visibly grimacing when I touch them!!!!! *EEW EEW EEW, bananas are sooo nasty….I hate absolutely everything about them, the way they smell and feel and taste!!!! ICK! I really wish they weren’t good for my kids and I had an excuse to never ever ever buy them ever again!!!!*

That is all! Happy Monday! Celebrate the small stuff! 😀

Awesomesauce and Bananas

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