photo 1So…Mother’s Day was just one week ago, and perhaps many of us were blessed and encouraged on that day. But now a week has passed.

My week involved each of my 3 girls, and then me, getting sick one after another. I’ve had to cancel playdates, miss church (which is sometimes the only time I end up having adult conversations with anyone but my husband all week) and allow my house to fall into significant disarray.

Last Sunday, Artist made decorations for the house, and threw me a Mother’s Day party, complete with a note that said “You are a graet Mom.” I was exhilarated.

But it’s been a long week.

As I sat here this morning trying to watch church online, in my holey pajama shirt that’s covered in dried spit up and who knows what else (I think I’ve worn it for 3 days straight), while Boo came to me every 5 seconds to show me she added one more line to her scribble, and it was all I could do not to tell her to just LEAVE ME ALONE for pete’s sake, and felt awful that all I wanted was to just not be touched for 10 minutes…I realized that  somewhere in the pandemonium, I forgot.

icecreamI forgot that in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter if dirty clothes are piled high on the laundry room floor (and maybe the bathroom, too). I forgot that just one week ago I was feeling awesome. I forgot that in spite of all my imperfections, my kids really do think I’m great.

But then an amazing thing happened…I remembered.

I remembered that I won’t always be running on fumes. I remembered that Artist said she had an exciting week just because we unpacked a toy she hadn’t had in awhile, she lost a tooth, and got to drink a can of orange soda. I remembered that kids’ expectations are very different than ours.

They really just need to be loved.

And that doesn’t require pristine homes, fancy dinners, amazing Pinterest crafts, or ANY of the junk that we use to grade ourselves (and judge other Moms). In fact, I think if we could just do life in the way that it works for us, THAT would be the best way for our own families to be happy and peaceful and thriving.

photo 4

A few weeks ago, I took Ice Cream for her 6 month check up. (Side note. That’s crazy, right? How in the world is she that old already?!?) After I left, I noticed something unusual on her chart.


In the spirit of full disclosure, I should admit that my first thought was, OH MY WORD, I can’t believe she was grading me!!! What if the checkup had been on the day I accidentally let Ice Cream get a sun burn, or a rash on her tummy from scooching around on the carpet without a onesie on, or, or, or…

photoBut then I chose to accept it as the encouragement that I believe it was meant to be. I think it was a quiet whisper into the topsy-turviness that is life with 3 kids under 7. It said to me…

Hey…guess what? You’ve accomplished something wonderful. That baby in your arms…you have met her EVERY NEED, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months and months (6 of them, in fact). For half a year now you have fed her and changed her and held her and put her needs above yours. And no matter HOW you’ve managed to do that, it’s extraordinary. She is happy and healthy and loved…because of you.

You get an A+ Mom. Keep up the great work! 🙂


Mom Grading

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