I’ve mentioned before that we LOVE gaming as a family, so  I decided to start a summer series highlighting some of our favorite tabletop games to play together!

First up is Zombie Dice

Family Game Night - Zombie Dice! | Running With Spears #geekfun #tabletopgames

It’s short and sweet for when we want to spend some quality time together but don’t have an hour or more to devote. Plus it’s simple to learn, and doesn’t require any reading or advanced strategy skills, so young kids can play on their own!

Basically you pull 3 dice out of a cup and roll them. Each brain you roll gets you a point, and each gunshot counts against you. 3 shots and you’re dead (for that turn — you’re a zombie, death can’t keep you down). 😉

There’s a smidgen more to it, but pretty much you get to keep rolling more dice until you’re dead or you choose to stop and keep the brains you’ve rolled. First person to get 13 brains wins!

There are a bunch of fun add-ons that can add a bit more complexity. We also invented our own cooperative version for when the kids are tired, or I just can’t even deal with anyone being sad that they lost. Basically we set a brain goal as a family – usually around 25 depending on how long we’re willing to play, and a number of rounds we hope to get them in, generally about 3 rounds if we have 4 players but we’ll modify those numbers if we want it to be more challenging, (or if we want to be certain that we’ll win).

Wham-bam-thank you ma’am! 15 minutes or less to get some family fun under our belts! Yay!

What are your favorite games to play as a family?

I’ll share another game we love next Family Fun Friday – which will probably be in 2 weeks, right now I’m alternating with my “Mom Hacks” posts. Sign up to subscribe to my posts via e-mail (there’s a spot on the right sidebar, or below the post if you’re on a mobile device) or follow me on Facebook if you want to be sure not to miss it.  🙂

Family Fun Friday – Zombie Dice

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