beawesomeSo we’re gearing up to start our third year of homeschooling.

As in past years, I plan to not use one set curriculum but rather an eclectic mix of a bit of this, a bit of that…and a lot of unschooling.

Schedules drive me crazy; I need to go with the flow. Flexibility, the room to be creative and spontaneous and relaxed, is vital for me! Not to mention that organization is admittedly not a strong suit of mine. 😉

I tried an organized, scheduled homeschooling plan for all of one day…our very first day. Boo’s reaction that day pretty much sums up the experience.

But while homeschool has always been a little crazy and messy, so far I’ve made sure Artist at least ends the year pretty much having mastered the most necessary elements of that grade level.

See, despite the fact that I was homeschooled myself and for the most part loved it, I’ve always said I’ll just homeschool that year and play things by ear after that.

But…when people ask about homeschool, I always tell them one of the best things about it is the flexibility to cater to each child’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve finally decided to actually to embrace that this year, and as such I wouldn’t be surprised if Artist ends the year not able to be classified into a single grade level.

A lot of what we’re doing this year (other than some geography because let’s be honest, it’s embarrassing when my kids ask loudly in public, “What’s MEXICO?”) is based off what Artist said her dream school would be.

seedTons of hands on science. Oodles of historical fiction books. Art lessons. Piano lessons (not taught by me). Sewing lessons (don’t worry, I’m getting books on the subject, not just passing along my lack of sewing skills). And so forth and so on. Yes I know those were not complete sentences. Please don’t grammar-nazi me. 😉

We may change how we’re going about school a dozen times (or more) before next summer. I have no delusions that it will all be fun, or easy, or pretty. But for right now, when I told Artist I was actually going to do the things she asked for, she grinned and said, “Thanks for making school awesome!”

Oh my goodness!!! That attitude is just ALL THE THINGS!

If I have to choose between keeping my security blanket of thinking I could pretty easily stop homeschooling at any time, and Artist thinking school is awesome, that’s an easy decision. Besides, if you’re going to dive in, isn’t the deep end the best place to do it? 😀

Going Off The Deep End…

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