Mom Hack - get rid of your kids' excess Halloween candy with a visit from the Great Pumpkin. :) | Running With Spears #momhack #halloween

It’s almost Halloween! We might  go to a carnival this year, and we’ll definitely go trick-or-treating because our neighborhood goes all out and my girls have an absolute blast! The only problem is they end up with a TON of candy! A few years ago someone gave me an idea for a Halloween Witch who gives you gifts in exchange for candy. I loved the idea, but we decided to use “The Great Pumpkin” instead of a witch.

On Halloween I let the girls kinda go crazy eating just about as much of their candy as they want, but then they choose a small selection from their stash to keep, and put the rest in their trick-or-treat bags by the front door when they go to bed. Overnight, The Great Pumpkin replaces their candy with some small non-candy treats like stickers, modeling clay, and fun socks. They get a fun surprise the next morning, and I get to not  have my kids begging me to let them lick a sucker for 2 minutes then leave it on the couch for me to sit on later every day for weeks!.  Oy! 😉

Mom Hack Monday – Too Much Halloween Candy?!?!

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