My husband and I have never really prayed together all that much.

It’s awkward.

IMG_7759In fact, when our pastor was talking about praying with your spouse and admitted that some people might feel more comfortable jumping out of a plane than praying out loud, Misteris agreed 100%. Nevertheless, we decided to take the 21 Day Prayer Challenge (a.k.a. pray with your spouse every day for 3 weeks), with one caveat; we’d each only pray for thirty seconds.

At first, even these short prayers felt ungainly and bumbling, but by golly our church was having a drawing from the names of everyone who completed it, and I wanted to win. That’s what praying together is all about, right? So we powered through. (Oh, is that not the point? Ooops. Well, we didn’t even win, so whatever).

Anyway, despite out best intentions, our prayers slowly got slightly longer. And while praying together still doesn’t feel completely natural, it no longer feels more awkward than having your card declined at Starbucks with a dozen people in line behind you…and then starting to cry. Not that I would know.  😉

We’ve also seen God do some really cool stuff that we couldn’t have possibly done on our own, not just once but over and over in the first few weeks after we accepted the challenge! And here we are well after the end of the challenge and we’re still praying together. So I guess maybe we did win something after all.

So…yeah. Awhile back my church asked me to write a blurb about our experience for its monthly “magazine” thingiemabobber, and I figured I’d share it with you guys, too. 🙂

Praying to Win!

One thought on “Praying to Win!

  • September 8, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Heather….love it! Thanks for sharing this fun story! 🙂


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