I am sooooo DONE! 37 weeks today, but I feel like 42. (Don’t quote me on that, I’m sure 42 is way way way worse!)

But seriously, I’ve never felt so OVER being pregnant, lol! Just incredibly uncomfortable, difficulty sleeping blah blah blah….painful braxton hicks…and I’ve done the whole nesting thing….I’m talking 3am counter scrubbing. Yeeeeeaaaaah.

And the hormones. Oy with the poodles already! Let’s just say, at this point, until Ice Cream is here, you’re safest standing at a distance and tossing me cheese and apples unless you want me to either snap at you or start bawling uncontrollably.

OK, well, in the hopes that this is my FINAL pregnancy post and soon I’ll be sharing pics of Ice Cream, here’s a pic of my tummy which Misteris very kindly painted like a pumpkin because I demanded begged him to!


Stick a Fork in Me

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