So here’s the thing…I don’t really like summer.

From what I’ve heard, it seems most people start out all “YAY! Summer! Kids out of school, relaxed schedules, freedom, this is awesome!” And then they get all, “OH MY WORD! When will school start? I’m so over this!” But with homeschool…especially the way we do it, without a rigid schedule or anything in the first place, none of that is relevant. So instead summer is just, “Yay, it’s hot and the kids can play in the water…and not do ANYTHING else outside, and unless I’m in the water with them, I’m super hot, and the car is an oven, and supervising 3 kids under 7 in the pool alone is stressful, and oh yeah, what’s that? Summer is vile.”

IMG_8089flareBUT, this year it’s actually starting out ok. Probably mostly because it’s the end of May and currently only 80 degrees out! I’m gonna see if I can make it at least till mid-July before I don’t want to leave home because it’s just too darn hot!

To help with this plan, I’ve signed up my eldest 2 for VBS mid-June. Hopefully this will be a welcome break, and not just the stress of getting everyone there on time, which is not my strong suit.

Can I be honest here? I really don’t like getting out of the house everyday.

Am I the only one? I am such a homebody.

I’m pretty sure in my ideal fantasy world I would stay home and read young adult fantasy fiction novels for hours, write one of my own, my kids would happily entertain themselves without fighting or making messes, and I’d sip piña coladas or frappuccino all summer, getting together with friends for playdates about twice a week, and otherwise not leaving home except for church on Sunday.

IMG_8104flareOh and by the way, I know I’ve just been sticking random pics in this post cause they’re summery and I like them. 😉

But the picture above is actually pretty significant for 2 reasons. 1st of all…Artist has decided she wants to go to church camp this summer, which is pretty huge for her. And since we knew that dresses and skirts, her typical attire, wouldn’t be the most practical for camp, we actually got her to try some soft cotton shorts, and she LIKES them! With her SPD clothing issues I felt like this was pretty awesome!

IMG_8078cflare(Side note….would you take the sentence above to mean a bit *less* that totally awesome, or *more* than totally awesome? I use “pretty” to mean almost, basically, somewhat etc. but Misteris uses it to mean quite or very. It causes endless debate around here.)

Anyway…you may have also noticed that Ice Cream is sitting up LIKE A BOSS now! Just in the last week she’s  really mastered the skill and she doesn’t topple anymore, plus she can now sit herself up from lying down. And just to make it even more apparent that she’s growing up, she’s started pulling herself to standing. I can’t believe how fast her babyhood is flying by!

Oh, and remember how excited I was when I found the baby book that you just stuck stickers in to mark milestones? Wanna guess how many I’ve done so far? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with hero. 😉

Yep. I’m that awesome. 😀


Summertime! (Yay?)

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