Yesterday I pulled out my actual video camera (not my phone) and realized it still held videos from the past few years that I’d completely forgotten about. Oops. They’re mostly those big milestones that are exciting but totally bittersweet because they drive home so intensely how quickly your baby is growing up. 🙁

And then I started thinking about some other firsts; the ones that get completely overlooked, but really should  be celebrated. These firsts, while potentially still signs of growing up, are just too great to make me feel anything other than happy. 🙂


Here’s my top ten:

1. First time your kid manages to eat at a restaurant without making you take them to the restroom half a dozen times because they chugged their drink and have to pee. (Related: first time your kid is tall enough to reach the sink and the soap and whatnot and can actually go to the bathroom be themselves!)

IMG_36622. First time your kids can swim well enough that you can actually just watch them from the side of the pool! The summer before Smiles was born we were almost there…it was tantalizingly close. Now I’m waiting with anticipation for it to happen; I’m pretty sure summer will be a million times easier then!

3. First time your kids manage to brush their teeth well by themselves and  they don’ get toothpaste and/or spit all over the sink! Can I get an amen?!?

4. First time you kid manages to buckle themselves into their carseat! Sure this seems minor, but so far only one of mine can do this, and when I go somewhere with just her, I can’t tell you how much easier it feels.

5. First time your toddler can actually run around in the backyard and play without trying to eat ALL THE THINGS!

IMG_70846. The first chapter book your kid reads by themselves and gets excited about!!! True, reading is a huge sign of growing up, but I don’t care; it’s just too awesome! Beyond the fact that reading = the best thing ever, there is sooooo much freedom in kids being able to happily get lost in books. No more boredom when waiting, or protesting quiet time, or getting up when they can’t sleep at night (or at least a lot less of that!)

7. First time you take a trip after your kids outgrow the, “Are we there yet?” stage and you get to drive in peace. (Please tell me this happens someday!!!)

8. First time your kids are capable of being away from home for a few hours without needing a diaper change or sippie cup or anything and you actually don’t have to pack a diaper bag! I got to experience this for about two months before Smiles was born…oh to be diaperbag-less again. Sigh.

9. First time your kid tells you there was a new kid and they befriended her. Such a proud Mommy moment! <3

10. First time your kid makes you a cup of coffee all by themselves!!! Need I say more? This is just completely awesome-sauce!

What about you? I’d love to hear your favorite all sweet, not bitter firsts! 🙂


Sweet Firsts

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