Ten Little Eggs, Illustrated by Jess Mikhail, is such an adorable, heartwarming picture book! Thank you, Zonderkidz, for sending me a free copy to review. In this story, Mama Hen has ten eggs that are about to hatch, one at a time. The story format is the counting down concept that is great for building number skills, but this is the cutest one I’ve seen, because as each one hatches, it’s a completely different animal that hatches from an egg, from a penguin to a platypus. My daughters will NOT let me tell you what is in the last egg because they thought it was such an exciting surprise. But I will say that Mama is thrilled by each and every baby, and it’s such a beautiful picture of love covering differences, and welcoming those who are nothing like you into the family. Plus the illustrations are soooo cute. Even my ten-year-old was saying “aaaaw” on every page!

Ten Little Eggs | Book Review
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