So my oldest 2 kiddos are off having fun with their grandparents (side note, my mom sent me a pic of them and they look to have gotten 2 years older in the few days they’ve been gone), and I figured with 2 fewer munchkins around here I’d have some extra time to finish the book I’m reading, actually write a meaningful blog post, and maybe even get to Netflix and chill. However, it turns out I hadn’t been giving Artist and Boo enough credit for how much they help around here…without them, juggling a toddler and a baby is apparently ridiculously crazy, lol. So far, I’ve read 3 pages of my book, the closest I’ve gotten to Neflix and chill was watching an episode of Friends at midnight last night while I was up with Apple….and I’m guessing this is the only blog post I’ll be writing. You’re welcome. 😉

Life With A Toddler And A Baby | Running With Spears

toddler + baby = ???

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