Coral by Sara Ella is a poignant, emotionally gripping read.
It’s also an important one.

Mental Health still feels very underrepresented, even in the increasingly diverse array of young adult lit. Sara’s novel does a phenomenal job of weaving anxiety and depression, grief and emotional trauma into the story and treating them with care and respect. One of my favorite quotes is, “You are not nothing, my friend, and neither am I.” So beautiful.

The entire book is raw and real. And intriguing. I have an awful habit of forgetting about a book I’m reading halfway through for one reason or another. You CAN NOT do that with this, for your own good, lol. So much of the story falls into place at the end, like this perfect puzzle that you had to complete to be able to appreciate the glorious picture.

It was a five star read for me.

A huge thanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for the free advanced copy of the ebook for me to read.

Coral | Book Review
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