Wellp, here we are, end of the first week back to school for most kids here in TX, so I reckon I oughta update y’all on our schoolish going ons.  [What? I didn’t just eat a handful of peanut butter M&Ms plus coffee for my lunch, causing a caffeine/sugar high mixed in with pure exhaustion from having to hold both Apple and Smiles most of the night last night, therefore typing crazy mumbo jumbo like oughta  and y’all…YOU did. Oh wait… 😉 ]

Anyhoo, we’ve been doing bits and pieces of various schoolishness all summer, but I’m not planning to have our “official” first day till September 12th. In preperation for that time, though, I asked Artist and Boo about what their personal goals for themselves are this  coming year. Apparently this year we will be improving skills in sewing, cooking and baking, photography, art, and physics.

My husband and I actually debated for awhile what the best option is for our girls’ education this year and hashed out some different options, but ended up right back at homeschooling them in an eclectic way, with bits and pieces of different programs and curriculums that work for us, and a lot of unschooling. At least that’s out plan for right now. Fortunately we get to change at any point in time if that’s not working. Yay for flexibility! 😀

Celebrating NOT back to school! #unschool #funschool #eclectichomeschool #delightdirected | Running With Spears

How about you? If your kids just started back at school, how’s it going? Do you and your kids have goals for the upcoming year? I’d love to hear what they are! I’d also love more coffee. 😉

Not back to school!

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