Hey friends! We’re getting ready to “officially” start school, despite the fact that we’ve done some amount of school all summer. 😉

We always try to start off the year with at least a few fun new school supplies to make it more special, and we take first day of school pics that I’ll share in a later post. I figured I’d take a sec and share what curriculum and such we’ve decided to use this year.

For Evergreen, who is going into fifth grade, we’re using Alpha and Omega’s online program, Monarch for all the core subjects except for math.

For math, Evergreen and Boo will both be using CTCMath, because we absolutely love it. And they’ll be using Hoffman Academy for piano, and Art Achieve for art.

Boo, who is going into second grade, will be finishing up the Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook and the R.E.A.D. Review Pack from The Crafty Classroom for her language arts, and will play learning games at Always Ice Cream plus various read-alouds and projects and so forth for her other subjects this year.

For pre-school work, Smiles will just be using print-outs from HelpTeaching.com right now, but I may add an alphabet curriculum from The Crafty Classroom later.

For Apple right now I will be making use of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood streaming on Amazon Prime as much as possible to keep her occupied while I do ALL THE THINGS with her sisters. #kidding #notkidding 😉

School Time!!!

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