Holy Moly! (Or as Smiles says, “Moly moly!”) Kiddos grow up SO fast! I was looking back through some of my pictures on Flickr trying to find something and I ran across this:

simple joys of childhood - photography inspiration - capture everyday moments! | Running With Spears

It’s from Fall 2011. Artist and Boo were both so tiny!!! At least they still enjoy simple joys like coloring with chalk. Today all my sweeties except for Apple are sick — so it’s been a long day already, and yet the years are indeed short, as they say. Today I’m trying my best, despite the fact that my own throat is now hurting, to savor cuddling tiny Apple, and rocking Smiles, and listening to Boo’s stories, and coloring with Artist. These days are precious, even if they are super exhausting!

Simple Joys!

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