Last week I told you which math program we’ve tried has ended up being our favorite. Now I’d like to tell you about our favorite reading program:  Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A  (you can read my original review here ).

We’ve actually only been using it for about four months, but the amount of progress Boo has made with is is phenomenal!

When she started out, she was in the stage where she would sound out “rrrrr aaaaaa ttt” and then guess that the word was mouse, and I would pull out my hair and go make another giant cup of coffee.

Through this in depth, hands-on, program that gradually layers on new challenges, she’s now reading books! Yes, they’re the super basic, “A cat sat on a rag rug and a dog had a hat,” type of books but OH MY GOODNESS you guys, this is huge!

Anyway, I know in my original post I said I would recommend it to a friend, but I wanted to come back after having used it for a few more months to reiterate how much we’re loving Eclectic Foundations

Our Favorite Reading Curriculum

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